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15 Best WordPress Tools & Plugins You Need to Know

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Do you want to expand your WordPress site or Blog without spending a fortune? And do you want to improve the operation of your site in order to attain your objectives? Then you should try some of my top WordPress tools and greatest WordPress plugins.

There is a tool or plugin for every purpose you can think of. If you want to establish a forum on WordPress, use bbPress. If you want to rank your pages on search engines such as Google, use RankMath.

This WordPress toolbox also includes image design tools, hosting services, and resources for acquiring themes. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Top WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Blogging

Some of these WordPress plugins and tools may be free, and some are paid. And some plugins like RankMath are based on a freemium business model. It means you can get started for free and upgrade to a premium plan if you’re ready. 

RankMath – SEO Plugin for WordPress

YoastSEO and All in One SEO are two of the most popular WordPress Page SEO plugins. However, I feel RankMath is superior due to its enhanced features. It aids a site in meeting the highest SEO criteria.

It explains what’s wrong with your content based on excellent SEO techniques. RankMath recommends making a few modifications as you progress from basic to advanced level. Using the plugin, you can add a lot more functionality to your site:

  • Installation is simple.
  • Beautiful and clean interface
  • Advanced SEO analytics reports
  • Google Analytics and Search Console integration
  • Rank tracking for particular keywords
  • Ranking keywords for posts
  • Easy-peasy scheme generator & importer
  • Suggestions for increased readability
  • Knowledge graph for Google
  • Managing XML Sitemap

And the list goes on. It’s the most effective plugin for increasing organic traffic to your website. Even if you utilize the free version of the plugin, it will add a lot of features. There are several functions to experiment with. Here’s a pro tip: only enable the functionalities you require.

MonsterInsight – WordPress Analytics Tool

I’ve been using MonsterInsight for several years. It’s one of the greatest WordPress analytics plugins. I’m really fond of the user interface. The dashboard is rather tidy. And it includes all of the tracking tools you’ll ever require in a single plugin.

The following are the key characteristics of MonsterInsights :

  • GDPR-compliant
  • Tracking across the board
  • Analytics in real-time
  • Reports on SEO ranking
  • Comprehensive e-commerce reporting
  • Google Analytics reports that are the most thorough
  • Integrations with third-party plugins like Yoast and WooCommerce are seamless.

The plugins assist you in understanding your site’s journey and growth so that you may respond appropriately. I feel MonsterInsights delivers on its promises and simplifies analytics for beginners. It is unquestionably a must-have plugin for every WordPress site.

 UpdraftPlus – WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus is the most widely used free WordPress backup plugin on the internet. More than 2 million websites utilise it.

It allows you to generate a full backup of your WordPress site, which you can then keep in the cloud or download to your PC.

The plugin enables both scheduled and on-demand backups. You may also choose the files you want to back up.

It can transfer your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email, and a variety of other cloud storage providers automatically (see our step by step guide on how to backup & restore your WordPress site with UpdraftPlus).

Itnot only backs up each WordPress website, but it also allows you to simply restore backups directly from your WordPress admin panel.

Slider Revolution – Premium WordPress Slider

In 2012, it started as a plugin to insert a slider into your WordPress pages and articles. However, it has developed into more than simply a WordPress slider plugin. You can now use this plugin to create your WordPress site or blog.

Slider Revolution‘s major features are as follows:

  • Editor by dragging and dropping
  • ‘Hero’ parts that draw attention
  • 200+ website, content, and media templates
  • Sliders and carousels are stunning design components.

There is a vast library of everything related to constructing your WordPress website or blog. With over 25 add-ons, you can make any image dynamic. Change the dynamic range to the overall appearance and feel of the sliders. It’s an excellent WordPress tool for site design.

OptimizePress – WordPress Landing Page Builder

A landing page is essential for any marketer or entrepreneur. And if you’re a WordPress fan like me, you should check out OptimizePress, a simple plugin for creating amazing landing pages. It’s an amazing program for creating digital items as well as membership sites.

Here are some of OptimizePress’s best features.

Make opt-in forms and landing pages.
Make sales by offering offers.
Create lead and sales funnels.
Statistic analysis and optimization
That’s all you need to start selling your products and services online. If you want to construct lead magnet pages or webinar registration articles, OptimizePress has you covered. It also aids in the creation of exit pop forms and email confirmation pages.

But if you’re looking for a simple affiliate website on WordPress, you’ve come to the right place.

PrettyLinks – Affiliate WordPress Plugin

PrettyLinks has grabbed my attention. It’s an essential WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers. It also allows you to conceal your affiliate connections while on the fly. It’s also vital for affiliate marketing since it builds trust with your audience.


  • Makes podcasters’ links speakable.
  • It aids in the attribution of your connections.
  • Automatically converts selected terms into affiliate links.
  • All data and functions are imported and exported.

PrettyLinks must be used to hide your affiliate links in your articles and emails. Affiliate marketing links are not permitted in Mailchimp emails. However, PrettyLinks makes it easy. It’s a must-have WordPress plugin for marketers, in my opinion.

LiteSpeed Cache – WordPress Tool Supercharge Your Site

With recent Google improvements and Core Web Vitals, the performance of your site is more important than ever. And caching is the most effective approach to boost your site’s performance. This is where the LiteSpeed Cache plugin comes into play.

Here are the highlights of LiteSpeed Cache:

  • Image Optimization using and Object Cache for Free
  • CSS, JavaScript, and HTML should all be optimised.
  • Inline CSS/JS should be combined and minified.
  • Critical CSS may be generated automatically.
  • Images/iframes should be lazyloaded.
  • Placeholders for Responsive Images

And even more. It’s an all-in-one plugin that will instantly improve your WordPress site. It also has server-level caching and options for smooth optimization. I strongly advise you to use this WordPress tool to speed up your site in minutes.

Hustle – Email Marketing WordPress Tool

Do you want to efficiently develop your email list and convert visitors to your website? Then you must install and activate Hustle, a fantastic email marketing WordPress plugin. There are several templates to pick from. You may also add slide-ins, choices, popups, and other features.

The following are some of the advantages of utilising Hustle:

  • Take use of ready-made templates.
  • Get inventive with your popups and opt-ins.
  • Everything should be customised to match your brand.
  • Behavioral targeting for your visitors
  • Make use of AI-powered triggers.
  • Make plans for the greatest results.

And the list goes on. Hustle allows you to execute email marketing without leaving the WordPress dashboard. But hold on, there’s more. You may also use top social icons to encourage your viewers to share your content on social media. What else do you want!

Sucuri- Security WordPress Tool

The Internet is rife with fraudsters, spammers, and hackers eager to take down your WordPress site. Sucuri Security is a fantastic plugin that analyses and audits your website for malware and security flaws. The following security features are included:

  • Auditing of Security Activities
  • Monitoring of File Integrity
  • Remote Malware Removal
  • Monitoring of Blocklists
  • Security Hardening That Works
  • Post-Hack Security Measures
  • Notifications of Security
  • Website Filtering (premium)

Sucuri’s free edition scans your site and provides you with all the tools you need to manually remove threats. And the premium edition includes all of the aforementioned capabilities as well as automatic action. If you wish to secure your website, use this plugin.

wpForo-best WordPress forum plugin.

The best WordPress forum plugin is wpForo Forums. Full-featured yet simple and lightweight forum solution for your WordPress website. It includes forum layouts and styles that are both contemporary and responsive. This WordPress forum plugin has everything you need to build a professional and efficient community. A powerful and elegant forum with one-of-a-kind features.

Multi-layout WordPress Forum Plugin

  1. Extended Forum Layout
  2. Simplified Forum Layout
  3. Question and Answer Forum Layout
  4. New! – Threaded Forum Layout

Forum Integration

wpForo forum plugin is well integrated with many Profile Builder and Membership plugins, such as BuddyPress and Ultimate Members plugins.

LiveChat – Top Conversational WordPress Tool

You may want to provide support or communicate with visitors to your website for another reason. LiveChat is useful for increasing sales and improving customer service. It allows you to simply add live chat and assistance to your WordPress site.

LiveChat boasts an impressive variety of features, including:

Display product cards to facilitate shopping.
Provide an outstanding client experience
Integrate with over 200 tools, like TeamViewer and WooCommerce, to automate your conversation.
And you can use LiveChat on any device, from Messenger to Email to WhatsApp to SMS. Yes, you are not confined to connecting with your consumers just through your WordPress website. If you wish to provide speedy service, use the LiveChat WordPress plugin.

Other WordPress Tools & Plugins, Themes, and Scripts 

If this isn’t enough for you, numerous developers are always coming up with fresh ideas. CodeCanyon and iTheme both provide a large selection of WordPress tools and plugins. Both of these platforms feature a plethora of great themes.

Almost all of the projects on CodeCanyon or iTheme offer free upgrades to the most recent versions. They are also completely documented, so you may install and modify them to suit your needs.

Use These WordPress Tools and Plugins But…

Use them only when necessary. The more plugins you have, the slower your WordPress site will be. As a result, I usually advise utilising as few plugins as possible. Think carefully about which plugins and tools you will utilise. Use no more than one plugin for the same function.

For example, if you already have YoastSEO, don’t use RankMath to optimise your site for SEO. It’s because both plugins provide nearly identical functionality. Install Google’s Sitekit if you wish to see your site’s analytics using RankMath Analytics.

But why is that? Your site gets slower as a result of the same plugins and tools performing the same thing, and search engines grow confused. Does it sound reasonable? Please let me know in the comments below that which WordPress plugins and tools your are going to install.

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