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Who We Are?

All Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest.

-Ben Franklin

Engant is India’s fastest-growing tech Community. This place is dedicated for the students and professionals and tech enthusiasts to learn and earn at the same time. Engant is a budding community of technical professionals who have a keen interest in learning and developing skills in various tech domains.

At Engant, our main goal is to teach & help tech enthusiasts to carve out the technical skills of an individual to such a level at which he/she can grow prosperously in all aspects and become financially independent.

We have 1000+ readers who already have started their careers in python with the help of our free Ebook ” Introduction To Python3 in 2022 ” We are connected on Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Btw, Don’t forget to check out our posts & stories on Instagram that will blow your mind😊.

Our Goal:-

Our mission is to build a huge community where we help tech enthusiasts to pursue their interests by providing valuable & engaging content. we also provide a tech guide, tech trends, tips & tricks to become financially independent.

Our Values:-

we provide a valuable, structured & organized roadmap for students, professionals & hustlers on various tech domains like Programming, Ai, NFT, Crypto, and web development. we also provide some resources which can be implemented to boost your career & online presence.