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How to Choose the Right Niche For Your Blog?

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One of the best ways to make money online is simply blogging. You have this concept in your brain, and you want to start a blog, but like many novices, you are unsure if it will succeed. If you’re nodding your head, know that you’re not alone. This is why we decided to write this post to show you some of the greatest blogging niches and help you determine whether or not it is a suitable fit for you!

What is a Niche?

what is niche

Let’s identify a niche before discussing the finest blogging niches.

If you look up the definition of niche in a dictionary, you will get the following definition: a comfortable or acceptable position in life or career.

Many people interpret a niche as the concept that your blog will solely discuss. This is right in some ways, but it is not the final solution.

A niche is not just the issue, but also the way you will choose to discuss it. It is also the audience you wish to address and how you intend to discuss the subject.

Most significantly, as the dictionary definition implies, it is the issue about which you are most comfortable talking. This allows you to portray yourself as an expert in the field or just as someone eager to offer his/her knowledge on the subject.

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How To Start?

Rule Number 1: Start with a Micro Niche

micro niche

Have you noticed what we did there? The strategy begins with a certain micro-niche.

When choosing a niche for blogging, you must choose a certain audience to target and gain traffic from. It is not advisable, to begin with, a broad specialty since you will have an abundance of topics to discuss. This will cause you to discuss the issue in general, which will bore your audience.

When you discuss a certain micro-niche, you are offering a thorough description of that issue. This gives your viewers something distinct from what is accessible online and keeps them interested in your writings.

Furthermore, if you talk about the same issue, you will write many articles on the same topic, resulting in related articles that discuss comparable terms.

This will improve your Google ranking and provide free organic traffic to your blog.

Rule Number 2: Expand your Niche!

expand your niche

You will attract an audience interested in your topic if you begin with a micro-niche. This will bring some visitors to your website.

When you have a sizable readership and traffic, it is important to broaden your focus.

As we in Engant did, we started with the artificial intelligence niche. This attracted an audience that is just interested in email marketing.

Important Note: When we say to expand your niche, all the topics should be related to this niche. We are not saying to talk about digital marketing and health niches! These are not related.

How to pick the best niches for blogging?

Before showing some niche examples, let’s discuss what you should keep in mind when picking up your blogging niche.

To find out the perfect niche for you, you should be able to answer the below 3 questions.

1. Do I have a passion for talking about this niche?

You are so enthusiastic to start a new thing when you first start your blog. As a result, you begin large, adding fresh content every week.

Then, after one or two weeks, you become bored and lose interest in the issue you are discussing.

This is why, when choosing a niche, the first thing you should consider is how much the issue fascinates you. The more passionate you are about a subject, the more inclined you are to devote time to discussing it.

2. Will this topic attract an audience?

If you identify the niche that best fits your tastes, it is time to see if it will be appealing to the audience. After all, you’re going to write to people, and they’ll have to choose whether or not to read your articles.

You may be wondering how to locate the hottest subjects right now. Simple.

You may start by looking at Google Trends. This will show you how popular the issue you wish to discuss is.

Another simple method is to utilize the h-supertools keyword research tool. This can help you find a variety of particular phrases for a broad subject. Keyword research can help you locate a micro-niche!

3. Will this niche make me money?

It is important to understand whether the topic you choose has suitable monetization strategies. Of course, you can always establish a blog and monetize it with advertisements, but there are various options.

Check to see if your field has affiliate marketing or if you can create a course on it. Other than adverts, these are good alternatives to monetize your site.

You may also see if you can start a SAAS business around this. The possibilities are limitless. Just be sure to choose a specialty with many monetization options.

Best niches for blogging

Now we have come to the part that interests you the most. What are some niches you could write about?

Though by now, I wish you got the help needed to pick your perfect niche in the previous paragraph, I will share with you a small ebook that is totally free, and that has many niche topics to choose from.

Download Ebook Here

The ebook has numerous niche ideas.

When you download the booklet, you will have several options to pick from, including cooking, healthy eating, internet business, and much more.

Let’s suppose you’ve decided on a topic; how will you come up with ideas or stuff to write about?

For example, suppose you chose the healthy snacks niche.

Go to Google and type in “healthy snacks.” We will discover several articles on this subject.

Copy the URL of the first blog you discover in the search and put it into BuzzSumo. You do not need to register for now monetization procedures.

What BuzzSumo gives you is a list of popular articles written on the blog you found. These are all articles related to the niche you picked and you can use the same ideas to write about.

Also, you can use again h-supertools youtube keyword tool and search for healthy snacks.

keyword research on niche

This will generate a lot of content articles to use in your blog.

Important Note

Starting a blog is easy and does not require extra-terrestrial skills to begin.

You do not need to be an expert with the niche you pick to start your blog.

What is important is that you are willing to learn more about the topic you are writing about and never think that you know everything.

Another thing that will help you succeed, is to simply share your own experience and the issues you face while building your blog. Just share your knowledge, experience, and case studies that will attract your audience for sure.


conclusion on niche

This simple graphic, I believe, summarises how to choose the best niche for your site.

The first step is to identify a topic that you are enthusiastic about, or at least interested in learning about and discussing.

Then, see whether this issue will attract an audience willing to listen to what you have to offer.

Then look at all of the monetization options available to make money from your blog.

Having all three will help your blog stand out as you continue to produce content and create money by engaging your audience.

Do not forget to download the ebook that contains more than 50 niche ideas to start your blog.

I will be waiting for your suggestions about more niche ideas in the comments below.

I hope I have helped you a bit. Thank you for reading.

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