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The right tools can easily 10X your results in every area of your Interest.

That’s why we (at Engant) invest a HUGE amount of time constantly reviewing, testing, implementing & optimizing different services and tools. Check out this for cool stuff 👉👉👉 Tech Engant.

This page contains a list of the coveted few that make our shortlist of recommendations and that we use to run The Engant Network. Everything has been tested in our own business and either helped us get to where we are today – or is currently being used to take Engant to the next level.

Featured Tools & Services

affiliate marketing tool

Affiliate Marketing tool

With approximately 350,000 customers spanning nearly 200 countries, GetResponse is one of the biggest names in the email campaign and email marketing service industry.

Design tool

Design Tool

Canva is an online design and publishing platform with the goal of enabling anybody to design anything and publish it anywhere.

Email Marketing tool

Email Marketing Tool

Mailchimp is the best overall email marketing software because it has the features that most businesses need, without being overly complicated or confusing.

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Student Tools

Use This Tools For Effective Learning The first platform to bring document management, creation, and insight to one beautiful place.

OneNote: It is a note-taking application.

Zoom:  A web conferencing  or online video interaction platform for students & professionals

Powerpoint: powerful, easy-to-use presentation graphics software program

elink: all-in-one content curation tool

Kahoot!: an educational platform that is based on games and questions.

Padlet: an online noticeboard tool

Realworldmaths: Collection of free maths activities for students & educators

SEO Tools

Use This Tools To Rank On Search Engines

Ahrefs: most recommended SEO tool online

SEMRUSH: In-depth SEO analysis and Tools to help rank my website higher on search engines and get more organic traffic

Keywords Everywhere: Simple Chrome extension for keyword search volume data.

KWFinder: A best long-tail keyword analysis tool

Web Hosting Services

Get The Best Web Hosting Services

BlueHost: Largest brand name when it comes to web hosting & official WordPress hosting provider

Hostinger: Best reliable web hosting overall

Contabo: One of the best & cheapest VPS Services on the internet.

vultr: a simple, easy, and fast cloud service that helps you set up and host your websites and services easily with one click, GET 100$ Free Credits

Design & Graphics

Use This Tools For Professional Designs

Canva: I use to design almost all kinds of graphics like blog banners, images, ebook covers, etc…

SetkaEditor: Content creation tools with great graphics 7 design

Designwizard: Best free Graphic Design Software for beginners.

AdobeSpark: Great option for creating design and short motion graphics.

Hacking Tools

Best Open Source Online Ethical Hacking Tools Used by Hackers:

Nmap: a finest hacking tool for port scanning

Nessus: world’s most well-known vulnerability scanner

Kismet: the hacking tool used for testing wireless networks

Acunetix: fully automated, detecting and reporting hacking tool

Software tools

Best Software Development Tools a Developer Should Know:

 GitHub: Powerful collaboration tool and development platform 

Stackoverflow: Question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers

Codepen: Powerful tool is especially helpful for front-end developers.

Vscode: Lightweight but powerful source code editor

Web Design Tools

Use This Design Tools To Make Better UI & UX

 Figma: Cloud-based design platform

Dribble: Discover the world’s top designers & creative professionals

Adobe XD: This tool is fantastic for wireframing, prototyping, and collaboration

Mockplus: Mockups for apps, web as well as desktop apps.

Web 3.0 Tools

Use This Tools To Understand Web 3.0 & its features

 Brave: Fast, private, and secure web browser

Storj: Decentralized storage solutions.

Steemit: decentralized reward platform 

LBRY: Decentralized digital library

Email Marketing

Use These Tools for Effective Campaign

Get Response: One of the Best Email Marketing Services out there. I use it for cold outreach mailing and prospecting.

Mautic: Email Marketing Automation System.

Mailwizz: one of the best email marketing systems.

ConvertKita full-featured and easy-to-use email service provider.

H-Supertools: Email Validation and Extraction.

Debounce: I use it to validate large email lists, check this video to learn more.

Gmass: a Mailmerge extension for Gmail /Gsuite (Great for cold mailing)

Scripts & Themes

Get the best Scripts & Themes

 ThemeForest: WordPress Themes & Website Templates

CodeCanyon: Buy Scripts and ready applications with source codes.

YouTube Growth Tools

Use These Tools To GROW On YouTube

MorningFame: Helps your plan and rank your YouTube videos easily.

H-SuperTools: Free YouTube Keyword Research Tool.

TubeBuddy: I use it mainly for thumbnail A/B tests and rank Tracking.

VidIQ: Video SEO analysis.

Sales Funnels

Get the Best Sales Funnels One of the best free Sales Funnels Builder.

Clickfunnels: useful software for anyone looking to build pages or capture and convert leads.

Note: If you have questions about any of the services listed here, please submit your questions on the forum.

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