Essential CSS Tips and Tricks every developer should know

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Mohammed Aman

Are you using these key CSS methods for a rapid workflow and a beautiful web design? 

CSS Tips & Tricks

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Every developer should know these CSS tricks to develop their projects quickly and efficiently. They're sure to increase your productivity to the next level—let's get started. 

CSS Tips & Tricks

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1. Hover Effect

You can add a hover effect to an HTML element using the :hover selector.

Example: Adding hover effect to a button element.

2. Resize Images to Fit a div Container

You can resize an image to fit a div container using the height, width, and object-fit properties.

3. Overriding all the Style

You can override all other style declarations of an attribute (including inline styles) using the !important directive at the end of a value.

4. Truncate Text With Ellipsi

You can truncate overflowing text with an ellipsis (...) using the text-overflow CSS property.

Example: Adding hover effect to a button element.

5. Using text-transform

You can force text to be uppercased, lowercased, or capitalized using the text-transform CSS property.

6. Using Single-Line Property Declaration

You can use the shorthand properties in CSS to make your code concise and easily readable.

7. Tooltips

Tooltips are a way to provide more information about an element when the user moves the mouse pointer over the element.

8. Add Shadow Effect

You can add CSS shadow effects to texts and elements using the text-shadow and the box-shadow CSS properties respectively.

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