Exoskeleton Uses Advance Ai Features to Help People Walk Faster

Exoskeleton have been using in the sci-fi Industry and in superhero movies to make character strong

In terms of real world uses, exoskeleton have been tested or developed in different industries or sectors

This new Ai based exoskeleton function is tailored to each person who uses it rather than being standard

This exoskeleton personalizes as assistance that helps people to walk normally through the real world

It resulted in exceptional improvements in walking speed and energy economy

The personalization in exoskeleton is enabled by a machine learning algorithm which is trained using emulators

The algorithm drew connections between the scenarios and people's energy expenditure 

This Ai machine works by applying torque at the ankle, replacing some of the function of the wearer's calf muscle.

The main purpose of making this exoskeleton is to help people with mobility impairments, including elderly and disabled person.

Exoskeleton is currently in the prototype stage, new tests need to be done and adjustments made for people 

The team is planning to design iterations that help improve wearer's balance and even reduce joint pain