Fortnite Reveals Chapter 3 Season 4 Theme, Trailer Coming soon...


By MohammeAman September 18, 2022

Epic Games has revealed the official Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 theme

Since the first season's tagline of First Flight, each season of Fortnite has had its own theme.

The theme usually stresses sounding cool initially, while hinting to modifications to the battle royale

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 theme will not reveal what will happen next season, but it will help generate interest on the eve of Fortnite's seasonal changeover.

Fortnite has been advertising the forthcoming seasonal change for the previous two weeks,

The teasers have shown a pool of chrome liquid with a hand stretching out as if sinking in it.

 The hands are from several characters, with Spider-Gwen having the only identifiable hand.

Chrome running over a cereal box and other objects have been used as teases in the past.

 It'll just be nice to have things occurring in Fortnite's story and the world going ahead again

Paradise implies that the island Fortnite is based on will be the perfect place to have fun

In that aspect, the moniker Paradise is apt, as fresh content is the ultimate paradise for Fortnite players.