Top 10  Developers You Should Know In 2022

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Mohammed Aman

A developer is responsible for creating a product or service for business. They will do this by using different programming languages.


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The demand for developers is continuously rising as the tech world evolves and businesses become increasingly reliant on technology.

Developers in Tech

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Depending on the role and software they are working on they are classified into different categories. Here we will look at the top 10 developer jobs in 2022

List of Developers

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1.Mobile Developer

Mobile Developers will develop software for mobile phones, this includes building apps for iOS and Android and other app store platforms. 

2.Software Developer

Software Developers are responsible for building and creating computer programs and operating systems that we use in our day to day life. 

3.Web Developers

Web developers are responsible for designing and creating a websites, and will ensure that they run smoothly. 

4.Front-End Developers

A Front-End Developer will work on the visual side of a website, ensuring that the website looks good and is functioning when it comes to user interactions 

5.Back-End Developers

A Back-End Developer is a developer that will work ‘under the hood’ of a website and ensure that it's running smoothly.  

6.Full-Stack Developers

A Full-Stack Developer is the hybrid of a Front-End and Back-End developers. They will be responsible for creating and maintaining the website/App.

7.Data Scientist

Data Scientists look at data and extrapolate insights which make the data ‘make sense’ and are then used to make business decisions .

8.DevOps Developer

DevOps is the software development strategy and it involves a lot of development, testing and deployment of technologies.  

9.Data Analyst

Data Analyst will collect, process and analyse large sets of company data, extracting insights that can be used to improve performance or solve issues 

10.Machine Learning Engineer

They work with AI to create programs and algorithms that enable machines to take actions without specifically being instructed to. 

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