Top React Projects to Build Your Resume

React is one of the most famous front-end JavaScript libraries 

React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library maintained by a community of a group of developers and Meta. React is primarily used for building application UI. 

React Js

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React Notes Application 

Make a simple beginner-level application in React, where the users can write or create their notes 


Weather Application 

You can create this using a free API from OpenWeather. It is a very good beginner-level react project.   


Cryptocurrency Application 

There are many free API available, using one of those API, you can get the crypto price details and everything in JSON.  


Password Generator

Using react, you can create a password generator where you can create your strong passwords  copy to your clipboard  


Chat Application

You can create your chat applications like WhatsApp clone using React and Socket.io.  

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