US has Imposed Export Rules to Hobble China's Chip Industry

The Biden Administration has implemented a sweeping set of export rules on china's chip industry 

These measures have been taken to expand its reach in its bid to slow Beijing's technology sphere and military services

Some of this rules has an immediate effect, build on restrictions sent in letters this year to top toolmakers

US Government Officials have said that many measures were taken to prevent selling Chinese firms and by making our own semiconductor chips

The rule was published on Friday, it also block shipments of broad array of chips used in Chinese superconducting systems

The new bid have made the Biden Administration to have a great impact and act as a competitor in semiconductor chips sector

The Semiconductor Industry Association has said that the rule should be implemented in a targeted way and in collaboration with international partners.

The scope of the rule has a great potential and have quite stunning but on the other hand it will depend on the details of implementation

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